40 thousand Chinese soldiers still deployed at LAC despite promises to retreat: Reports

Despite the recent agreement to withdraw troops between the two countries, China has continued to deploy around 40 thousand troops in the eastern and deep areas of Ladakh.  This information has been revealed by quoting sources.

India-China Standoff: China does not seem to be taking much interest in reducing tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).  Despite the recent agreement between India and China on the withdrawal of troops, China has continued to deploy around 40 thousand troops in the front and deep areas of eastern Ladakh.  According to sources quoting this information, according to sources, China is not respecting the consensus reached after several rounds of talks after a violent conflict between the soldiers of the two countries in eastern Ladakh.  During several rounds of talks at the government and military levels, according to the conditions, the Chinese did not back down.  After several rounds of talks between the two sides, China was not following the agreement reached after the intervention of the National Security Advisor.

Sources said, "China has shown no signs of retreat. It has retained the deployment of around 40,000 troops, including air defense systems and long-range artillery." According to sources, last week took place  Even after the last round of talks between the core commanders, there has been no progress in the disengagement process on the LAC.

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