Expert Opinion "Shutdown Is Not The Solution" - Dr. Nordan Otzer


I write this post on behalf of small shopkeepers
and daily wagers in Ladakh particularly in Leh
Whenever any political party or any civil societies
called for a Ladakh or Leh Bandh, it is the small  business establishments and daily wagers who has to bear the brunt, that too around the town only whereas rest of Ladakh daily carry on with normal routine.
As we all know that Bandhs disrupt and weaken
the economy, especially affecting the poorer
section of the society. So, in other words, we are
hurting ourselves. Bandh culture has been
initated from Mahatma Gandhi's Non-cooperation
Movement against British for Freedom. The whole
idea was to make our enemy bleed economically
and to show them that we can hit them without
resorting to any Violence. Unfortunately, our
political leaders and other so called leaders are
using this method against their own people to
claim attention.
So, I want to ask questions to those leaders who
are calling Bandh: Please, try to understand the
genesis of Bandh culture, it's a weapon against
the enemy, not to your own people. Don't you feel
strange to apply this kind of weapon to save
people by harming the same people?
I also know that many of you will say that
democracy give us a right of peaceful protests
but one must know that a shopkeeper close his
shops on calling Bandh not voluntarily but
because of the fear of being attacked.

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