India, China agreed To Remove Troops From Eastern Ladakh Completely And Quickly

India and China agreed to withdraw troops "completely and quickly" from the conflict zone of eastern Ladakh.  Both countries said that for the complete development of bilateral relations, complete peace restoration is necessary.  The two countries reviewed the situation in the region during the latest diplomatic talks held online through the executive framework of discussions and coordination on border matters.

This meeting of the two countries came at a time when there were reports that the process of retreat was not moving forward, as was expected after the previous round of talks at the Corps Commander level on 14 July.  The Foreign Ministry said that after Friday's meeting, the two sides agreed that there would be another meeting of senior military commanders to take further steps to ensure the process of a swift retreat.

"They agreed that the withdrawal of troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in line with the bilateral agreement and protocol and the end of tension on the Indo-China border and peace was established," the ministry said in its statement.  It is necessary to ensure complete development of the relationship.  ''

The Foreign Ministry said that the two sides said that this was in agreement with the consent made during the telephonic conversation between two special representatives on July 5.  Significantly, on July 5, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had discussed telephone for about two hours in eastern Ladakh to reduce tensions between the two countries.  After these talks, both sides started the process of retreat after July 6.

However, the Foreign Ministry said that in Friday's talks, the two sides agreed that the consensus reached in the senior commanders' meeting so far should be implemented seriously.

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