India Preparing To Deploy Six Satellites To Monitor Chinese Troops - Galwan Valley Clash

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India can deploy six satellites to monitor every movement of Chinese troops on nearly 4000 km long LAC.  Indian security agencies have stated that 4 to 6 satellites are needed to prevent any nefarious move of China along the border.  

According to defense sources, there is a need for dedicated satellites with high resolution sensors and cameras and close surveillance to monitor Chinese troops and their small movements in Indian territory and deep areas.

The agencies realized the need for the satellite to monitor China's military activities when the Chinese army began exercises with 40 thousand troops on its side of the LAC in Xinjiang.  These soldiers are armed with deadly weapons and ammunition and are close to Indian territory.  

"According to the report of the news agency ANI, these Chinese soldiers had also entered Indian territory at many places in Leh.  It also includes 14 Corps headquarters"


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