PRESS STATEMENT - Sh. Rigzin Spalbar Gen. Secretary Ladakh Territorial Congress

I've got this write-up of mine published, in an effort to make those in power circle to do some deep introspection over granting constitutional safeguards to Ladakh.

I personally, do not at all subscribe to the press statement issued by the UT Ladakh Congress Working President declaring the day as a 'Black Day'from Kargil on behalf of the entire Ladakh Congress. The leaders of Kargil have a habit of opposing all the demands fulfilled for the overall good of entire Ladakh, while at the same time enjoying & taking benifits viz. ST, Hill Council, Division, UT etc. 

For us the formation of UT Ladakh is a fait accompli & we are very happy with it. Instead, I appeal to all the leaders to come to term with it and unitedly work to have a constitutional safeguard for Ladakh granted at the earliest.

Gen. Secretary 
Ladakh Territorial Congress 
Leh -05.08.2020

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