YDA Nubra Celebrated Nature Day In Nubra Valley

This year, on world environment day, Young Drukpa Association in collaboration with live to love have decided to celebrate every 5th day of the month as nature day as per the guidance and decision taken by His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa. As we can observed around us that environment and nature is being exploited to satiate human greed, the ongoing pandemic is as a result of exploitation of wildlife and deforestation, therefore, time has come when we should pay utmost respect to the environment. Being respectful of environments and communities goes hand in hand, as environmental problems impact people on a broad scale.

Therefore, it has been decided that every 5th day of the month will be dedicated to the nature and environment, whereby, community will work together for the benefits of environment and encourage younger generation to understand and respect the natural environment and interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land.

On 5th of August 2020,  YDA Nubra branch organised nature's day at Tersey Village in Nubra valley supported by Live to Love. Cleanliness drive were organised in the village in which, villagers from all walk of life participated under the leadership of Shri. Jigmet Lotus, Goba Tersay. It was followed by an awareness programme in which villagers including school kids spoke about the importance of nature and the objectives of celebrating nature cum environmental day. 
Entire functions were organised with utmost care to maintaining social distance and wearing masks as per the guidelines issued by the district administration. 

"We deeply appreciated the initiative taken by the YDA and Live To Love with the blessing of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa to inculcate respect for the nature in children by dedicating every 5th day of the month for nature. We are fortunate to begin this movement from our village and thankful to YDA Nubra for choosing our village." said, Shri. Jigmet Lotus. 

"On this occasion, YDA Nubra's President said that they will be organising similar function in other villages on every 5th day of Month and he also appealed everyone to participate at individual level in their own respective villages and make it a successful movement which would play a big roles in healing the nature from the destruction caused by we human"

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